Saigon Cement Tiles is one of the first private companies of Vietnam founded in 1983. We have factories at Hochiminh City, the production of handmade encaustic cement tiles. Our capacity is over 15,000 square meters per month and the production system is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Saigon Cement Tiles have been exported to 20 countries over the 5 continents. We commit ourselves towards customer satisfaction by High Quality - Fast Delivery and Good Service!                                                                                     


Encaustic cement tile is an artisanal crafted creation for both floor and wall, such artistry emerging during the 19th century to then grasp widespread recognition for its beauty in the 20th century. The museios, the Greek Gods of the fine arts, lived in the Museion (a temple) which in fact inspired musivusin Latin, later to be known as mosaic. Many believe that the Romans considered the art of making mosaics so exquisite that only the muses and their select devoted followers possessed the technique to create such splendiferous beauty.  Read more...

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